UNIFY L.A. // A Radical Urban Intervention

In the 1960’s Radical Architecture groups like Superstudio and Archigram claimed that modern architecture ignored social impact and our primary necessities . They rebelled, claiming that their society was overpowered with capitalistic values. Now today, corporate architecture is as monumental and powerful as ever. Our obsession of consumption, profit and greed has robbed and devalued our humanitarian rights. It misplaces our primary priorities... to live. I'm proposing a people’s park in the financial district of Los Angeles; a Radical Urban Intervention that questions our public realm. It reshapes our humanistic and democratic ideals; to awake and avenge our dusted nation.


We must question our values,
our priorities, our happiness.


We must question our public realm.
Is it really our space? Can we have a voice?
Can our voice and actions make a change?


As designers, we need to reconsider our purpose for designing. Natalini wrote in 1971, "...if design is merely and inducement to consume, then we must reject design; if architecture is merely the codifying of burgeois model of ownership and society, then we must reject architecture; if architecture and town planning is merely the formalization of present unjust social divisions, then we must reject town planning and its cities, until all design activities are aimed towards meeting primary needs. Until then, design must disappear. We can live without architecture..."


Once a building is built, it automatically sets it's funeral. Structures are being built with the intent of power and ego. We need to be responsible and design with porosity; making structures adaptable for future development and culture shifts.


Always consider location: its culture, its politics, its soul. We need to consider the impact architecture will make in the city and the impact it'll have or the existing people around it.

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