Ford Rouge Factory Tour

This spectacular new theatrical experience, "Manufacturing Innovation" immerses the audience in the cutting-edge innovation and production of the game-changing aluminum-based F-150. Surrounded by 360-degrees of dazzling imagery, as well as stunning visual and sound effects, visitors meet the people and technologies behind the new truck. Through the magic of 3D form projection mapping, laser effects, and actual moving robots, visitors experience the creation of a new F-150 – from concept to final testing – before their very eyes. “Manufacturing Innovation” is an experience that inspires visitors to join Ford’s important work toward a better future for transportation, and more importantly, for the planet. It highlights the importance of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math) in a real-world application, inspiring visitors (especially students) and emphasizing 21st Century design, engineering, and manufacturing skills.

- Production Designer for BRC Imagination Arts