Team Zissou // Pop-Up Party

The Life Aquatic is another quirky movie directed by Wes Anderson. It’s about a fictionist, famous explorer,  Steve Zissou (played by Bill Murray and inspired by Jacque Cousteau) leading a team of misfits to explore the unknown aqua life and discover new, quirky, fictionist creatures to further educate and rise the reputation of the Zissou Society.

After the movie The Life Aquatic was released, a new sub culture was created. Fans would dress up, do scavenger hunts, rallies, and party to the theme of the movie. It’s also inspiration for many artists and designers where shoes, tattoos, paintings and galleries are hosted dedicated to Cult Film.

The Adventures of Team Zissou contagiously unites adventurous misfits; carrying on and defining the bliss and quirky vision of Life Aquatic.