BRC was looking for a designer who was bold, creative and ready to envision the โ€œnext big thing.โ€ Thatโ€™s just what we got in Mikey Nitro. He brings enthusiasm, passion and a fresh, modern perspective in every project he works on. Mikey strives to create places that break down boundaries and bring people together to share experiences that make a positive di๏ฌ€erence in the world.

Mikeyโ€™s career began at Art Center College of Design where he graduated with Honors in Environmental Design. He went on to work with Johnson & Johnsonโ€™s team in Berlin to re-design and create a marketing campaign for their historic product, Penaten. As a proud Los Angeles native he proposed Unify LA, an urban re-design concept focusing on a community park in downtown Los Angeles Financial district which was featured in Arch Daily.

 Mikeyโ€™s most recent project at BRC allowed him to lend his bold designs to a refresh of the Ford Rouge Factory Tourโ€™s โ€œManufacturing Innovationโ€ theater in Dearborn, Michigan. One of Mikeโ€™s first projects at BRC was the award winning Story Garden visitor center in Korea. BRC worked closely with Amore Paci๏ฌcโ€™s team to immerse themselves in the brand aesthetic. As an exhibit designer for the project, Mikey helped adapt that aesthetic to design spaces where employees and VIPs can experience the companyโ€™s history as well as it's commitment to the true meaning of beauty. Other recent projects include Caterpillar Innovation Experience, EU Pavilion Milan Expo 2015, Bud Selig Experience at Miller Stadium, Makers Quarter Sand Diego Cultural District and World of Coca-Cola.

 Mikey aims to envision and design a better world, to shake things up, and to create โ€œwith no fears, no regrets, just all heart and soul.โ€ Our clients demand inspiration, creativity and audacious design innovation. Mikey Nitro delivers just that.

Let's talk, collaborate, make/destroy something beautiful together.